Burner & Components

We offer a complete product range for most oil burners on the market. The construction of burners available today varies widely; therefore a high degree of adaptability is demanded from the individual components. This flexibility is one of the key strengths of our wide product range along with the highly reliable and efficient performance.

All of our components are furthermore released for use with Bio 10, i.e. ready for use with heating oil with an addition of up to 10% bio diesel.

  Oil Nozzles

Our oil nozzle program consists of a wide range for standard burner systems as well as a series of special nozzles adapted for different market demands as regards operating area, media and emission.

We sell nozzles in accordance with EN 293 and EN 299. Each nozzle is tested 100 per cent electronically and visually for function and uniformity.

We recommend changing the nozzle once a year for optimal operating performance and consideration for the environment.

Oil Pumps

We offer oil pumps with capacities up to 285 l/h:
For oil burners up to 50 l/h, the BFP series is used. This series includes 1-stage and 2-stage pumps as well as pumps for the LE-System.
For oil burners up to 285 l/h, the RS series is used.

Ignition Units

The EBI4 series is a new generation of environmentally friendly ignition units for small and medium size oil and gas burners. The EBI4 series is setting new standards within modern ignition units for oil and gas burners and by that, a real worthy successor of the very well known Danfoss EBI series.

- Low power consumption due to high efficiency 
- Complies with the RoHs and WEEE directives 
- EMC according to EN 55014-1 and EN 5514-2


Our oil preheater FPHB with PTC-heating element ensures optimum and equal conditions for the oil nozzle.
FPHB can be offered in different versions with capacities from 3 kg/h up to 10 kg/h. FPHB 3 and 5 can also be delivered with a built-in closing valve and is a part of our LE-system.

Oil Burner Controls

Control boxes with the designation OBC 80 series enable monitoring of the burning process in both yellow and blue flame burners.

The OBC 80 series is approved according to the latest norm EN230:2005, and includes monitoring of functions, diagnostics and operation information via flash codes. The series is thus highly recommendable for safe operation and easy identification and service. 

All models are with a green LED light indicator. During the preheating time of the oil the LED flashes green. As soon as the oil reaches the set temperature and the control box starts with pre-purge and pre-ignition the LED changes to a constant green light

Photo Units

Photo units (flame detectors) for yellow flame oil burners include LD (normal sensitivity) and LDS (high sensitivity). 
For blue flame oil burners we offer UV flame detectors. 

Boiler Thermostats

Surface thermostats type AT for supervision of the temperature in tanks and tubes.