Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Thermostatic Expansion Valves are available as parts programme, i.e. with separate valve body and orifice assemblies, or as complete valves (fixed orifice).The category also contains Thermostatic Injection Valves.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves for refrigeration applications, standard types for fluorinated refrigerants and ammonia (R717) as well as solenoid valves for water and brine. The category also contains Solenoid Valves in stainless steel, Gas Powered Valves and Pulse Solenoid Valves.

Pressure and temperature regulating valves

The range of pressure regulating valves and pressure and temperature Regulating valves have many different functions in both commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications, such as: capacity regulation, crankcase pressure regulation, receiver pressure regulation, evaporation pressure regulation and condensing pressure regulation. The range also contains Liquid Distributors, Pilot Valves, Motorized Valves, Oil Regulating Valves and Overflow Valves.

Electronic Controls

Danfoss' Electronic Controls is a complete electronic system developed for monitoring and optimizing any commercial and industrial refrigeration and A/C system. This wide range of electronic controls include refrigeration temperature controls; compressor and condenser controls; speed control of compressors, condensers and fans; evaporator controls with thermostatic expansion valves; evaporator controls with electronically operated expansion valves, programmable controls and system management units .

Line Components

Line Components for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration cover a lot of different product categories, such as Heat Exchangers, Oil separators and various valves such as Shut-off Valves and Check Valves. Furthermore you will find product categories such as Industrial Filters and Strainers in this category. The category covers products for both fluorinated refrigerants and ammonia (R 717).

Electrically Operated Valves

Electric expansion valves for refrigeration systems are used in conjunction with electronic controls, typically from the Danfoss range of ADAP-KOOL® controllers. The range consists of electric expansion valves for refrigeration systems with fluorinated refrigerants and ammonia (R717), evaporating pressure valves, and evaporating pressure pilot valves that enable electronic and remote operation of a ICS or PM servo valve.

Pressure switches and thermostats

The range of pressure switches and thermostats cover a lot of applications within refrigeration and air conditioning. The pressure switches and thermostats are in two categories: KP as standard and RT for heavy duty purposes. The switches can be delivered for fluorinated refrigerants as well as ammonia.

Water regulating valves

Pressure operated water valves are used for regulating the flow of water in refrigeration plants with water-cooled condensers. The water regulating valves give modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so maintain it constant during operation. When the refrigeration plant is stopped, the cooling water flow is shut off automatically.

Filter driers

The range of filter driers cover both hermetic filter driers and filter driers with exchangeable core.The hermetic filter drier is delivered with various functions: standard filter drier, bi-flow filter drier, receiver filter drier and burn-out filter drier. For the filter drier with exchangeable core the program covers: standard core for CFC / HCFC, standard core for HFC, burn-out core and mechanical filter. The filter drier housing is available with 1 to 4 cores.

Sight Glasses

Danfoss produces and delivers a complete range of sight glasses for all applications. Available in solder, flare, face seal or socket versions, they include types for monitoring of flow, moisture and liquid level. The Danfoss sight glasses indicators are optimized for the relevant refrigerants in the market.

Contactors & Motor Starters

Danfoss CI-TI™ contactors and motor starters provide trouble-free switching and maximum protection for your costly motors and other electrical equipment. The components are compact, easy to install and extremely reliable. They have been designed to meet our customers’ requirements, based on comprehensive application experience. More than sixty years of manufacturing experience ensure that our contactors and motor starters stand out with regards to quality and long life.

Electronic Controls: Sensors, Transmitters

Temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, liquid level control transmitters and gas detection sensors for electronic control ofrefrigeration applications

Shut-off and regulating valves

Stop and regulating valves are manually operated valves for use in industrial refrigeration applications where for instance a pipe section needs to be shut-off during service and maintenance. The valves are in sizes from DN 6 mm (¼ in) up to 300 mm (12 in.). The valves are designed to give favourable flow characteristics and are easy to dismantle for servicing. The valve cone is designed to ensure perfect closing. Applicable to all common refrigerants including ammonia (R717) and non corrosive gases/liquids dependent on sealing material compatibility.

Safety Valves

The valves are especially designed for protection of components against excessive pressure and to meet the strict quality demands and safety requirements for industrial refrigeration installations, specified by international classification societies.

Liquid Level Controls

This product range encompasses mechanical and electronic products specially suited for performing unique controlling of liquid level in industrial refrigeration applications such as flooded evaporators, intermediate receivers and liquid separators. Information about the electronic components for liquid level controls can be found under Electronic controls or Electronic controls: Sensors and transmitters.

Appliance Controls

Danfoss Appliance Controls develops and produces temperature control products for the home appliance and light commercial industries. Our product range is so extensive that we can supply an incredible variety of controls from stock. If we haven’t got what you need, we will make it for you.Our comprehensive product range includes CFC-free electromechanical thermostats for refrigerators and freezers, produced to precise customer specifications, as well as service thermostats for all refrigeration and freezing applications. Danfoss Appliance Controls is certified in accordance with ISO 9001/ISO 14001 standards, and has production plants in Slovakia.




Heat Exchangers

Our latest technology keeps your customers comfortable and your business competitive. Innovative MPHE or traditional BPHE – we can always offer you a better solution, better value.

ICF multifunction valves

The ICF control solution can substitute a series of conventional mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronically operated valves, thereby providing a number of advantages in the design phase of a refrigeration plant as well as in the installation, service and maintenance. ICF control solutions consist of valve housing plus a maximum of four or six function modules.